New website launch: iOS Guides

Stopframe Ltd is delighted to announce its brand new website:

iOS Guides is packed with tutorials, tips, tricks and Q&As that cover the iPhone, iPad and iOS. Visitors will discover how to split the keyboard in two for easier typing, view and manipulate 3D maps, replace the Home button with software features, plus the very basics such as iCloud and email tips.

iOSGuides features an intuitive design, with colour-coded sections and modern typography. Guides and tips are split into four sections: Getting Started, Social apps, Settings and Advanced Tips. Also included is a dedicated Q&A section for those looking for a quick solution to a problem.

With up-to-date information on iPad, iPhone and iOS 6, is the perfect destination for both beginners and intermediate users alike. And with regular updates users are never left behind when a new device or iOS update is released.

Visit the website today by clicking the following link:

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