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Dorset Software Careers Landing Pages

I was challenged to create a distinct and animated set of pages to advertise individual career roles at Dorset Software. Animated SVG images were combined with lively text and pop-up windows to create fun and informative landing pages that attracted potential candidates. You can visit an example job landing page via the URL below.

EQUO (Horse & Hound) Public Entry Website

EQUO is a brand new website by the magazine Horse & Hound, enabling riders and competitors to enter events around the UK. I designed the website with practically no brief, adding features and pages as the client devised them. Nevertheless, the final website is used by hundreds of competitors and organisers daily.

IOPC Public Submissions Website

In 2015 I was asked to design a new website for the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC), to enable members of the public to submit claims for damages caused by oil spills and accidents. The website needed to look fresh, include multi-coloured buttons and be easy to navigate. A back-end systems for admins also needed to be designed, enabling them to manage and approve claims.

Waitrose Partner Training Website

Waitrose is the sixth-largest grocery retailer in the UK. In 2013 it decided to create an internal website that enabled its staff to learn about working at the company. My job was to design and prototype the website. The UI/UX design process was lengthy, but it resulted in an efficent website that made navigating and sorting through thousands of training programs an easy task.

RM Developer Portal

RM Education was looking for a new user interface for it’s RM Results flagship product. Working alongside a pre-sales team, I designed a colourful interface for RM’s professionals to learn, share and collaborate.

NHS LA Intranet

In 2014 the NHS LA body approached Dorset Software to re-design and develop it’s in-house intranet, used by thousands of NHS employees across the UK. I designed a system using Sharepoint as its basis, which was ultimately approved, developed and released in 2015.

IPSOS Radio Mobile Diary

IPSOS Mori has been collecting radio listening statistics for more than 30 years. In 2014, they decided to create a mobile website that enables users to enter their listening times on the go. It was my job to design and prototype that website.