Stopframes first app complete!

After nearly 12 months of research, my first app is on its way to Apple for review. Fingers crossed it passes certification in the next few weeks and goes on sale.

It’s called Tips Guide for iPad. It takes the content from my best-selling book, adds lots of new content and wraps it in a beautifully designed interface.

During the early stages of app development I had three goals in mind:

To re-invent the guidebook
Tips Guide for iPad strips the guidebook down to basics. It removes clutter, introduces bold design and eliminates the page-turn. With its clear, color-coordinated layout, navigating the app is a breeze.

To enchant the user
Tips Guide for iPad uses bold, distinctive colours, to help users instantly find their way around the app. Animated text flows and fades across the screen, tutorials take the form of animated slideshows, and Q&As flip around underneath the users fingertip.

To provide free, up-to-minute information
Tips Guide for iPad is updated regularly with the new iPad tutorials. Provided at no extra cost, this additional content ensures users are never left behind when a new iPad or iOS update is released.

The app uses the open source Baker Framework, includes a few features from the Laker Compendium, plus lots of my own design ideas and features. It all comes together in a colourful, bold app.

When it clears the App Store certification process, I’ll post a blog update here.

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